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Ombrellis Shade Structures

We are pleased and proud to present our major creations/realisations, namely sails, umbrellas, awnings, parking structures, tents, marquees and many more. Through a simple click, you will discover how ‘Ombrellis Shade Structures’ can change a life… a Life style! Welcome  in the membrane style.

Our heavy duty umbrellas are available in various shapes: rectangular, circular, square, colors and height.

Our shades are designed following the place to be covered.

Our tents are manufactured with heavy duty aluminum profiles. Our PVC coated fabrics are of European origin, namely the prestigious French brand Serge Ferrari.

Ombrellis Shade Structures is bringing a revolution in the Mauritian architectural scenery. How? By proposing innovating tensile structures and fabrics. In 20 years time, we will be able to say ”We made this. And we were first”.

Ombrellis Shade Structures provide unique design and engineering for all types of heavy duty structures. These models are specially made by our consultant Linley Moothien, member of the Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies (Germany).

“Shadow of your shadow, shadow of your hand, shadow of your pet”